• gutera (-ye) /gutĂȘera/ v bullet_arrow_right 1. to drop at, discard at, abandon at 2. to throw at, project at 3. to hit, stab, pierce 4. to plant 5. to lay (eggs) 6. to spread, popularise, become popular 7. to attack 8. to invade, infiltrate, dislodge, evict 9. to force, cause 10. to mount, affix, button up 11. to arrange, set out (seats) 12. to beat (a heart) 13. to be shaped , from guta
    • yamuteye icumu - he stabbed him with a spear
    • baratera ibiti - they are planting trees
    • mfite inkoko itera amagi atatu ku munsi - I have a hen that lays three eggs every day
    • inkweto zarateye nta wutakizambaye - shoes are popular, there is no one who does not wear them
    • yateye u Bunyabungo, agatera Inkore n'ahandi henshi - he attacked Ubunyabungo, Ankole, and many other regions
    • urantera kubikora - you are forcing me to do it
    • gutera ibifungo - to button up
    • umutima wawe uratera cyane - your heart is beating fast
    • ko mutaratera intebe kandi abatumirwa bari hafi yo kugera aha! - you haven't set up the seats and the invitees are almost here!
    • umukobwa uteye neza - an nicely shaped girl
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